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- Consider directory structure in Mac OS X -

Macintosh has been traditionally a personal user tool. On the other hand, each user's home directory is buried in Users folder in Mac OS X which is based on multi-user use. This means that it is only a shered tool, and it won't be a "personal tool" for individual user.

Here are our poposals of some plan for Mac OS X to be a "personal tool" of individual user with keeping an aspect of its shared property. (Digest edition has been sent as a feedback.)

Created: 10/21/2001
Translated: 6/8/2002
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The problems raised in Issue #4 have been improved in Mac OS X 10.2.
Since the Sidebar function has been employed by Finder in Mac OS X 10.3, we think it has attained the most part of our purpose for remaining feedbacks. (Amendment: 04/29/2004)

Issue#1: Home directory should be mounted.

Work area for each user is located only in the home directory of individual user. Then, why don't we mount home directory instead of startup disk? (Created: 10/13/2001, Translated: 6/8/2002)

Issue#2: Shared folder should be mounted specifically.

Only the Public folder is mounted when connecting the other user's "home" through the network. The Public folder of the local disk should be mounted as the same manner as when connecting the computer by way of the network. (Created: 10/14/2001, Translated: 6/8/2002)

Issue#3: Unify distributed Desktop folders.

Volumes and files can be placed on the background area of the display. Only Files can be placed in the Desktop folders. Only volumes are placed in the directory which have computers' names. So, isn't it natural that these things should be unified into single Desktop? (Created: 10/17/2001, Translated: 6/8/2002)

Issue#4: Put System Folder of Classic Environment into Home directory.

Multi-user function of Mac OS 9 doesn't work in Mac OS X 10.1 environment. Well, it is not always right even if the function only works. We will consider implementation method along with those ideas of improvement suggested already. (Created: 10/21/2001, Translated: 6/8/2002)

Issue#5: Propose what Mac OS X should be.

We will summarize these ideas of improvement up to now. (Created: 10/21/2001, Translated: 6/8/2002)

Written by Takahiro Nojiri (Twitter @TakaNojiri)
Translated by Yoshinobu Morioka (