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That is to say, it is a true beginner's study, so please don't expect to much. For its development, I used G4 Cube.

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Last Update: 10/29/2003 JST [Japanese]

iconDropDigests v1.1.2 (10/29/2003) FreeWare


A sample of SHA-1There is a value called "SHA-1 Digest" written on the Downloads page of Apple Computer. You can calculate the value of SHA-1 Digest being downloaded to your computer by yourself and compare with the disclosed value from Apple Computer. If these two values are equal, then you can confirm following 2 items.(In detail, it mentions later.)

There is an instruction how to calculate the value of SHA-1 Digest on the AppleCare Knowledge Base pages. However, it requires to use Terminal application for an access, but it is hard to use. Then I created an Applet "DropDigest" which is easy for everyone to use.

You can use when publishing your files on own website. The file can be confirmed by whoever download the file if you add the value of SHA-1 Digest on it.

Functions and characteristics

System requirement

Mac OS X 10.2 or later


DropDigests.dmg (Size: 444KB, SHA-1= d0a7be4e9898b77884908bc7f4c699062934fe7b)

The DropDigests is a Open Source software. You can improve and divert it freely. However, it is not desired to redistribute it without any improvements. In addition, it is preferable to email Twitter @TakaNojiri with improved script attached.

References Web sites

Articles in the Knowledge Base

Standardization in the RFC

For users with additional Windows PC(s)

SHA-1 Digest and MD5 Digest are an authentication technology which do not depend on any operating systems. That is, you can confirm that the received file is right though you exchange files between different operating systems.

You will find some software running on Windows environment by Internet search. Some software to calculate the value of MD5 Digest for Windows environment can be downloaded from following sites.

Here are examples. One is written in English, and others are in Japanese.

Release notes

ver. 1.1.2 (10/29/2003)

ver. 1.1.1 (08/09/2003)

ver. 1.1 (08/09/2003)

ver. 1.0 (07/30/2003)

iconConvert2PDF v0.2.2 (06/16/2002) FreeWare

Functions and characteristics

sample Convert still-image file to PDF file.

System requirement

Mac OS X 10.1 or later


If you cannot download StuffIt file, use BinHex file instead. Both files can be expanded by StuffIt Expander bundled with Mac OS X.

Other requirements


There are some limitations described below. I am still researching how can I get them through.

Release notes

ver. 0.2.2 (06/16/2002)

ver. 0.2.1 (06/10/2002)

OriginalBootPanel.pkg (05/07/2002)

ver. 0.2 (12/28/2001)

ver. 0.1 (12/24/2001)

Written by Takahiro Nojiri (Twitter @TakaNojiri)
Translated by Yoshinobu Morioka (