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Modified: 09/27/2007 JST
Translated: 09/30/2007 JST
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red Virex 7.5.1: We cannot get uninstaller. (06/23/2005)

There is a following description in the .Mac website.

Please note, Virex 7.2.1 is compatible with Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger", Virex 7.5.1 is only compatible with Mac OS X version 10.1.5 through 10.3.9.

For this reason, we need to uninstall it if we have upgraded to Mac OSX 10.4 with Virex 7.5.1 installed. There is a description in the Support article ".Mac: How to uninstall Virex (Article ID:301291)" as follows.

1. Quit Virex, if it's currently open.
2. Locate the disk image file named "Virex_7.5.1.dmg." If you deleted this file after installing Virex, download the Virex installer again from the .Mac website.
3. Double-click the Virex_7.5.1.dmg file to mount the disk image.
4. Open the Virex 7.5.1 disk image, then double-click the "Virex Uninstall. command" file.

(Stressed part is performed by the quoter)

However, the Virex installer does not exist in the .Mac website at this moment. For this reason, we cannot uninstall it. Please prepare an individual uninstaller immediately and arrange so that we can download from the .Mac website and the Support page.

red .Mac 3.0: No effective period is explained before the purchase. (05/06/2005)

I (Takahiro Nojiri) bought a packaged version of .Mac. There is a following description in the Manual.

Activate .Mac Membership.

When you make best use of all the .Mac software and services, you need to activate membership within 9 months after the purchase. You can use this method to activate this membership when upgrading your existing trial account and e-mail-only account, or renewing existing .Mac membership.

(Translated from the page 5 of the Japanese .Mac Startup Guide.)

However, there is no description in the .Mac package that the effective period is 9 months. I (Takahiro Nojiri) bought it from on-line Apple Store, but there is no such description in it either. (The screen shot of Apple Store (PDF)) It is an improper business not to explain effective date of the membership before the purchase.

An answer from Apple Computer. (05/29/2005)

We have received an answer with an apology to be late for the reply.

For the effective date of the package which you have pointed out, there no effective date set for .Mac activation key you have purchased at this moment. We have been removing the effective date so that user can activate as soon as possible. We are sorry to trouble you, but kindly ask your understanding.

Isn' t it also a bad quality business to publish a false description in the manual intentionally? We have requested Apple Computer to revise the false description in the manual when printing additional copies for the next time.

red Virex 7.5.1: Does not support Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger. (04/30/2005)

As being posted in the Apple's web site, Virex does not support Mac OSX 10.4 Tiger. When will the supported version be released? Please inform us. In addition, according to the explanation when start selling .Mac services, it is also included in the part of the fee.

The reply from Apple Computer:

Virex is not currently compatible with Mac OS X v10.4. Virex is compatible with Mac OS X versions 10.1.5 through 10.3.x. We will maintain updated virus-definition files for active .Mac members until May 31, 2006.

If you plan to upgrade to Mac OS X v10.4 and wish to uninstall Virex, please follow the instructions in this article:
.Mac: How to uninstall Virex http://www.info.apple.com/kbnum/n301291

Apple takes virus protection seriously. As a result, .Mac e-mail servers scan and remove viruses from all e-mail messages sent to .Mac accounts, protecting you from viruses even if you don't have virus-protection software installed on your computer.

To learn more, please read this article:
How .Mac scans e-mail for viruses http://www.info.apple.com/kbnum/n301293

Seeing the confusion until now, we do not surprise the decision made by McAfee. We even hoped to terminate the relationship with McAfee. However, the cost-performance of .Mac services will certainly getting poorer if Apple Computer keeps not providing alternative anti-virus software. Is Apple Computer able to provide alternative antivirus software until next major renewal-season or to start some new services?

Apple Store runs .Mac discount campaign for the limited term (from April 13, 2005 to May 23, 2005). It may be an Apple's counter measure for the present.

Amendment (05/04/2005)

The price of the packaged version for .Mac services has been discounted from ¥13,440 (including tax) to ¥9,800 (including tax) and moreover, above mentioned campaign offers ¥3,000 discount. That is, Apple seems to think the compensation for this service is to reduce ¥3,640 amount also after the campaign.

By the way, Mac OS X 10.4 installer displays following explanation. Has Apple Computer not confirmed with the Virex 7.5.1 to run on the Mac OS X 10.4 and ask McAfee to make sure their support for the Mac OS X 10.4 while testing it?

Industry-leading virus protections.

.Mac membership includes anti-virus software to detect and repair infected files and continually update your Mac to protect it from new viruses.

red We wish to receive the text message of renewal notice in the Shift-JIS code format. (02/27/2005)

.Mac related e-mail messages (such as ".Mac Connection" e-mail news)are sent to us in the multipart MIME format. That means the first half of the part consists of the text mail message and the second one consists of the HTML mail message. Therefore, the message can be viewed correctly by both users who disables to display the HTML mail message and who has an environment using e-mail client software without supporting HTML mail message.

The important point is that the text part is encoded in the Shift-JIS code format. This makes the mail client software without supporting Unicode format be able to view it.

However, only the text part of the renewal notice for .Mac services is encoded in the Unicode format. Therefore, old e-mail client software which does not support HTML mail message and Unicode format (UTF-8) cannot display the whole message and resulted in the unreadable garbage. We think it is an important issue that the only notice relating to the renewal turns into unreadable garbage.

Please encode the text part of the renewal notice in the Shift-JIS code format as well.

yellow A file in the FreePlay Music is corrupted. (10/21/2004)

A file in the FreePlay Music which is the one of the limited services for the .Mac members using iDisk is corrupted.

An error occurs when playing a song " Cool Shades.m4a" in the album "Hot Guitar Rock Volume 1" after 1 minute and 53 seconds are passed and iTunes is quitted irregularly.

Answer from Apple Computer Japan

We also confirmed the phenomena. It is supposed that the data itself is corrupted since the same sound at the same track of the music is played irregularly by using third party playback software.
We will report to our section in charge of this matter.

Amendment (01/25/2005)

Before we are aware, FreePlay Music is deleted from iDisk.

yellow Mistranslation in ".Mac Use Agreement". (10/09/2004)

There are two translated articles in Japanese that describe concrete examples of the prohibited matters in the ".Mac Use Agreement" revised on August 11, 2004.

These articles are strange as sentences in Japanese language, because ".Mac user directory" translated in Katakana is misunderstanding as it were ".Mac user's (file system) directory". What does "collect and use .Mac user's (file system) directory through .Mac services for the purpose of sending unsolicited e-mail" mean?

The original articles are as follows.

In the Japanese version, ".Mac user directory" probably means "the list of .Mac user name (including e-mail address)". That is to say, this article means that no one can use the collected e-mail address of .Mac user to send unsolicited e-mail.

Information source: A feedback from Yoshinobu Morioka.

red Buy More: The price for the email-only accout is difficult to understand. (09/13/2004)

Click ME!The price to buy email-only account during the term of the agreement is not mentioned in the "Buy More - Step 1 of 3".

On the other hand, upgrading storage of Email and iDisk is stated clearly as follows.

When upgrading now, you pay for the time remaining up to your membership's renewal date.

For this reason, we have an impression on email-only account to pay its yearly cost at all times. However, we are actually charged for the time remaining up to our membership's renewal date (refer to the figure). We wish to have an accurate description for this information with which the pricing is concerned.

Information source: Discussion Boards, Apple Computer Japan (Price to obtain an additional account (Japanese))

Amendment (10/01/2004)

Click ME!.Mac Service has been revised on September 30, and the total capacity of iDisk and Mail box have been increased to 250MB. At this time, the description of the Buy More screen has been improved.

red Help: Does not mention correct pricing for email-only account. (09/13/2004)

The price to buy email-only account during the term of the agreement is not mentioned in the page of .Mac Help "Adding an email-only account" nor in the Help of the Support page ".Mac Mail Help: Adding an email-only account". Only the yearly cost is mentioned.

.Mac members can purchase up to 10 additional email accounts for US$10.00 each per year.

On the other hand, the following is mentioned in the .Mac Help "Adding email storage" telling email storage upgrade.

The cost of upgrading your email storage is determined by the time remaining in your yearly membership and the amount of storage you already have.

For this reason, we have an impression on email-only account to pay its yearly cost at all times. However, we are actually charged for the time remaining up to our membership's renewal date. We wish to have an accurate description for this information which the pricing is concerned.

When renewing, we hope to have a concrete description like "To add storage to your iDisk" for the iDisk storage upgrade in the Help of the Support page.

When you increase your iDisk storage, you're only charged for the time remaining in your yearly subscription. For example, if you are six months into your yearly subscription, you pay 1/2 the yearly cost for your new amount of storage.

red Virex 7.5: Cannot scan an archived file equipped as a standard for System Software. (08/27/2004)

virus alertFirst of all , we compressed a test-file eicar.com into 10 different file formats by using following tools. Then, copied them onto Desktop.

An archived file equipped as a standard for Mac OS X 10.3.5 has not display virus alert.

That is, Virex 7.5 could not scan this archived file equipped as a standard for System Software as a result of all kinds.

Kinds of compression tools and compressed files (with filename extensions)

A reply from Apple Computer Japan (quoted from their e-mail with an approval)

This phenomenon seems to be a bug of Virex, we have reported this phenomenon to the developer of Virex.

red Virex 7.5: Cannot move virus infected files to Trash. (08/27/2004)

First of all, we compressed test-file eicar.com into 9 different file formats by using above mentioned tools (excluding Finder). And then, we copied them onto the Desktop. We clicked "Move to Trash" button in the dialog box shown as a virus alert.

Then, we saw files only created by DropStuff 7.0.3 (filename extensions with sit, sitx, hqx, sea and exe) which has been left n the Desktop not moved to Trash.

DropStuff is a compression tool widely spread among Macintosh users. We are worried if we cannot exterminate virus in the compressed files correctly.

red Virex 7.5: Cannot scan files downloaded by Safari. (08/26/2004)

We reseted Virex 7.5 Preferences to Defaults before starting. That is, we checkmarked "Activate virus scan". Secondly, we downloaded test-file eicar.com.

Then, we get a virus alert displayed when using Internet Explorer 5.2.3. However, we have no alert when using Safari 1.2.3.

To say exactly, it displays an alert once, but does not display after that when using Safari.

A reply from Apple Computer Japan (quoted from their e-mail with an approval)

This phenomenon seems to be a bug of Safari, we have reported this phenomenon to the developer of Safari. This bug will be fixed in the updated Safari versions in the future.

red Virex 7.5: iPod is not released from mounting automatically. (08/25/2004)

When we are connecting iPod, we cannot unmount it after synchronizing with iTunes even if we put off a checkmark for "Enable disk use" in iTunes 4.6 (There is an occasion when we can unmount normally). There are two cases which we can unmount quickly after clicking iPod eject button of iTunes and we cannot unmount it resulting iTunes goes not responding.

We have tried settings to exclude iPod in the Virex Preferences but it was not effective. After uninstalling Virex 7.5, it behaves normally as before.

Amendment (08/30/2004)

There was a reply form Apple Computer Japan that they could not reproduce the phenomenon under the default settings environment, so we checked conditions of occurrences.

  1. The phenomenon occurs when we activate "Scan contents of archives and compressed files" in the "Active Scanner" of the "More Options" pane in the Virex Preferences.
  2. When iPod is unmounted correctly following the settings above, the phenomenon occurs after rejecting iPod and restarting Macintosh computer.

red Virex 7.5: Cannot include Japanese in the pathname of excluding folder. (2004/08/24)

Choosing excluding folders in the "Excluding specific disks, files and folders" dialog in the Virex Preferences, we cannot exclude folders with absolute pathnames in Japanese for virus scanning.

Isn't it a key item to execute an operational test in a different language environments other than English as an application developer?

A reply from Apple Computer Japan (quoted from their e-mail with an approval) (08/28/2004)

Confirming with U.S., we learned that we cannot exclude folders with double-byte names as you have mentioned. We at Apple Computer have reported this matter to the developer of Virex and requested to announce officially as being expressly stated.

red Apple Store: There is no clear statement for Apple Store Affiliates Program. (08/23/2004)

Apple Computer Japan started the Apple Store Affiliates Program (Japanese).However, it is breaching the following article in the .Mac Use Agreement (Japanese version) and we cannot participate in the program from our homepage using .Mac services. (We have confirmed with moderator-sama in the .Mac services' Discussion Boards.)

.In addition to the .Mac account limitations on bandwidth and disk utilization, certain commercial or business uses are prohibited, including the following.

However, there is no published statement in the .Mac Help, FAQs in the .Mac Support nor in the Program Entry Regulations (Japanese) equivalent to Consumer Agreement (English) of Apple Store Affiliate Program that we cannot participate in the program in that way.

Even if the section taking charge of the program is different, the services are provided by the same company. It is meaningless that the same company provides these services, if the information does not associate with one another. We wish to have the information published in the 3 sites mentioned above. (Or, we should exclude Apple Computer from above mentioned third party, revising .Mac Use Agreement.)

By the way, this home page comes under "these factors" described below.

Include Mac, Apple, or variations of either Apple or Mac in their brand or domain names that are not approved by Apple computer.

Amendment (09/27/2007)

A description below has added in the FAQ of Apple Affiliate Program while we were unaware of it. Apple has perhaps responded us after sending the above feedback. We feel sorry about it not being aware for the long time.

Aren't we allowed to incorporate Affiliate program into .Mac domain?

According to the existing .Mac Use Agreement, commercial usage is prohibited in the .mac domain. In this reason, your .Mac page is not allowed to incorporate as an Affiliate site. Please kindly accept this regulation. (Original description is written in Japanese)

red There is a lie written in the formal document, although AFP service has been terminated. (12/22/2003)

The following topic has been published in the top page of Japanese .Mac services' site.

"You should check renewed Learning Center"

Reading the iDisk column of .Mac How-To's section, there is a following description in the Step 2. of "How to get started with iDisk".

(You can also open your iDisk from Mac OS 9 or Windows. Click here to find out more.)

What in the world can we open it from Mac OS 9? Even though we can open it, we cannot write since the beginning of December. In addition, we will not be able to open it with the standard function of Mac OS 9 from January. Is not Apple Computer itself who decided so?

We have tried to open the linked site, thinking if they have introduced a tool using WebDAV (such as Goliath). However, there is a description about nether Mac OS 9 nor Windows...yes they are. When we click "Opening your iDisk" button, the screen jumps to the page explaining how to open iDisk. The description is as follows.

no descriptionIs it only an introduction about linked pages? What is "Find out more"? (be amazed)

Now, clicking "Mac OS 9", "Opening your iDisk" of the Help is shown. Then, there is a description as follows.

If you're using Mac OS 9, choose "Chooser" from the Apple menu, then click "AppleShare". Click the "Server IP Address" button, type "idisk.mac.com" in the "Server Address" field, then click "Connect". Type your .Mac member name and password, then click "Connect". Select your iDisk and click "OK".

... it is a downright lie.

Please work seriously. > Apple Computer

By the way, different from the Leaning Center, this Help can be read easily by the people who are not .Mac members. How does Apple Computer intend to apologize the people who subscribe the .Mac membership and are willing to use with Mac OS 9.

Amendment (02/08/2004)

After that, the contents of the Help has been revised and there has been a description about Goliath. However, the above mentioned method to use Chooser has been left together with this method for some reason.

Amendment (02/12/2004)

It has been revised again, and the description before using Chooser has been deleted. Thank you. > To whom it may concern

green A service to issue Email Signing Certificate. (11/15/2003)

Mail application ver.1.3 has supported sending and receiving S/MIME message using Email Signing Certificate. However, there is a difficulty in obtaining a certificate for the personal use. It is issued by some providers who have an alliance partnership with VeriSign, but it is not easy to understand the way how to obtain the certificate. Moreover, Macintosh Computer is generally an out of support.

How about issuing certificates from .Mac services? It does not matter to issue an actual certificates from VeriSign, Thawte Communications, or Apple Computer could issue. It supposed to be a suitable service for .Mac services to provide its members secure email sending and receiving method.

Referring to: Knowledge Base (Mac OS X 10.3: Mail - How to Use a Secure Email Signing Certificate (Digital ID) (Article ID: 25555))

Related Feedback: Keychains: We wish to have a function to generate secret keys.

red iDisk: An error occurs after using 3 days continuously. (11/10/2003)

Local iDisk is a new function employed by Mac OS X 10.3 and it is one of these important functions to maximize the convenience of .Mac. However, the practical usage is spoiled by one of these limitations introduced in the FAQ, which is a bug like "An error occurred after using iDisk for 3 days continuously". It is quite normal to use iDisk more than 3 days without logout. We request this bug to be fixed immediately.

red Will Apple Computer Japan listen to the users' voice? (07/13/2003)

We have submitted a feedback titled "What is Online Training Program for Mac OS X Jaguar".

We have received an e-mail from Apple Computer Japan on 13th of July. However, there is a topic also written about Mac OS X Online Training Program which does not appear in the Japanese language version.

Despite of improvement requirement which we have submitted before, Apple Computer Japan has repeated the same mistake in this way.

May we ask if support personnel in charge of Feedback do not have any rights to propose their manager in the Support Department of Apple Computer Japan? In other words, is it Apple Computer Japan's task to treat users in unfriendly manner, and is it also impossible to submit a requirement for business process improvement?

Is there no way other than sending a confidential letter or a content-certified mail to Mr. Harada the president of Apple Computer Japan in order to improve this kind of basic mistake and a doubtful invitation which is easy to be mistaken as a fraud? If so, please state the above situation.

red What is Online Training Program for Mac OS X Jaguar? (07/04/2003)

CMSo called "Refer a Friend Campaign" has started from July 3, 2003. An e-mail which will be sent to the friend contains a following sentence.

And if you join now, you'll get Apple's online Mac OS X Jaguar training as a free bonus and I'll get a discount when I renew my membership-talk about a win-win.

What is "Online Training Program for Mac OS X Jaguar"? Does it mean "Mac OS X Jaguar training" in English version? It has not been translated into Japanese yet, although this page has started already on March 19, 2003.

It is a serious problem to put a doubtful description into an invitation information of charged services. We hope to revise above writing immediately.

We feel the Apple Computer Japan's quality of localization is rapidly getting lower in these years. To translate is not a localization at all.

Information source: Discussion Boards of Apple Computer Japan. (Refer A Friend Campaign)

red Backup: Should return to support external drives. (06/28/2003)

Message of Backup 1.2.2After updating to the version 1.2.2, Backup application software limits its supported drives only for those of built-in ones. It does not recognize external drives which have been available so far. It should support those drives that are supported for iTunes, even if there are some problems on their stable operation with 3rd party products.

What a stupid thing to downgrade from the former version! It is supposed that they want to promote Macintosh computers with build-in SuperDrive and etc., but users pay .Mac services for the charge.

It is an action allowed in the membership agreement to change functions without any notice. However, it is not a preferable commercial act for the business custom. Apple Computer should recognize correctly that even if those users who continue to use Macintosh computers not always keep renewing their .Mac memberships.

Fixed (09/05/2003)

Backup 2 Public Beta has been released and this problem has been fixed. We will be able to renew .Mac service membership with confidence.

green Please email maintenance schedules to us. (04/07/2003)

When a maintenance is scheduled, notices are posted in following 2 places at present.

These posts are important. However, there are common disadvantages in them. .Mac members never know the maintenance schedule unless they look at these pages for themselves. So, .Mac members may misunderstand that there is another trouble occurred and distrust against .Mac services.

In addition to these posts, please email maintenance schedules to . Mac members. Since Apple Computer knows these members' e-mail addresses, it is easy to email the contents of these posts automatically. It must be useful and preferable for .Mac members than sending e-mails with advertisement called ".Mac Connection".

yellow Who will support distributing-free third party software? (02/17/2003)

Various kinds of third party software are distributed as a premium for .Mac members without charge. There is no description on .Mac's pages who will support these software.

Click ME! For example, free version of a shareware "DropStuff" has been distributing. Will Aladdin Inc. who is an original U.S.-based developer support this software in Japan? Will Japan-based Act2 Inc. who is distributing Japanese version of the software do? Will Apple Computer Japan do instead? Please state this issue clearly on .Mac's pages.

Moreover, we could confirm that U.S.-based Aladdin Inc. has a responsibility for supporting the software reading from a description in attached ReadMe file (only in English literature). However, we cannot tell whether U.S. Apple Computer Inc. also supports the software or not. In addition, we cannot even identify who will be in charge of supporting the software in Japan.


There are some more problems in distributing DropStuff without charge. It is because that there is a serious bug in Japanese environment of DropStuff 7.0.1 which has been distributed through .Mac services. The followings are quoted from the Act2 Inc.'s web site who is a distributor in Japan and are translated by Yoshinobu Morioka (original document is written in Japanese).

Apple Computer Japan should announce the bug to the user before downloading the software at least on Japanese version of .Mac's pages.

Amendment (03/08/2003)

Support by Act2New installer has come to be distributed. This installer displays "Contact in Japan: Act2 Inc." in the screen of "Software License Agreement". Moreover, the iSupport menu of DropStuff has come to enable us to link to the homepage of Act2 Inc. We welcome that the supporting organization is stated clearly.

However, there is no solution for above bug in the present version 7.0.1, and .Mac serivces continue to distribute this version without any notification on this matter. This is a problem.

Information source: Premium Discussion Boards, Japanese version [Exclusive for .Mac members]

red "Upgrade storage" screen for the additional account is misleading. (01/23/2003)

If we subscribe .Mac membership, then we can purchase additional email-only account for US $10.- per year. There is a serious defect in the description of the "Upgrade storage" screen for the additional account.

Click ME!There is a menu to select the number of additional account, but it does not describe anything about its storage capacity. There are some options for the email storage capacity right below the menu option, but there is no description at all to know these incremental storage capacities starting from 15MB do not apply to the additional account. (you can click the image for a larger view)

Reading only this screen, it is more natural for us to misunderstand that the storage capacity of an additional account is 15MB. However, the reality is that the capacity of the additional mail box is 5MB, and there is even no way to increase it.

We do not think that Apple Computer is intentionally aiming at user's misunderstanding, but it can not be avoided to be taken so because of the upgrade structure. Please improve immediately as follows.

Information source: Premium Discussion Boards, Japanese version [Exclusive for .Mac members]

Amendment (02/17/2003)

Click ME!After that, the purchase screen of additional account has been modified and the following sentence has been added. We rate highly this renewal as an improvement to prevent from misunderstanding, but we wish a drastic solution on this matter.

(Email-only accounts include 5 megabytes (MB) of storage space, whitch can't be increased.)

red Virex 7.1 Japanese version does not work. (09/23/2002)

Japanese version of Virex which has been beforehand on the .Mac page to be released during July has been released in September at last. But! This version is no use at all. If we click "Scan" button for a local volume, the process always stops. Moreover, even if we press "Stop" button, we cannot cancel the process. It is an obvious bug.

It is intelligible if it is only a bug. However, the software is kept distributing on the .Mac page even after a half month have passed since a lot of bug report have been posted on .Mac's Discussion Board. This means nothing but negligence of duty by the person in charge. We request to stop the distribution of current version immediately and re-distribute bug-fixed version, after that.

Bug reports: Premium Discussion Boards, Japanese version [Exclusive for .Mac members]

Bug reports: Apple Japan's Discussion Boards (Tell me about Virex.) (Japanese)

Workaround (12/20/2002)

There are no improvement yet, even after three month have been past. We have totally amazed at it.

Japanese version of Virex 7.1 which is an existing and defective software barely allows us to remove a "Show detailed results infomation" check mark for using it. However, we occasionally fail to scan files depending on filenames, for example. Its quality is below the level of being called as a product

Fixed (04/11/2003)

It has been about 7 months since the Japanese version of Virex 7.1 was released. At last, Japanese version of Virex 7.2.1 has released and this problem has been solved. We are pleased with this release.

However, it takes more than a half year to solve this bug on 2-byte character code, and they could not find such a simple bug (destroy operational environment of Fink) in Virex 7.2 before the release, which they require 2 full months to fix. It is our wish for Apple Computer Inc. to think seriously that they have to maintain the contract with such McAfee Inc, or not.

red There is no Japanese language support. (09/04/2002)

There are not only an English version of private .Mac member's Discussion Boards but also a Japanese version of them employed, and we feel that Apple Computer seems to consider Japanese market. However, the reality is that Japanese version only exists for itself and no substantial support is provided. At this moment, there is only one issue posted by Apple Computer's person in charge. That seems to be an Apple Computer's intention to separate Japanese speaking users. Please provide support as the same level as English speaking users.

answered within one business dayIf Apple Computer cannot support in Japanese language, please change the advertising composition on Apple's web page.

Original English composition:

Private .Mac Discussion Boards let members share their .Mac tips and experiences. Our .Mac support staff monitors the boards and makes sure every question is answered within one business day.

(Figure on the right is for the reference: quoted from Apple Computer's Web Page)

Recollections. (09/28/2002)

We have got an e-mail from Apple Japan, which promises to improve the situation.(Quoted from the e-mail to .Mac members.)

(The introduction is omitted.)
On the other hand, we have been accepting various opinions and requests of users, from the start of .Mac services up until today. We are seriously capturing these opinions and indications from the customer and making an ernest effort to prepare providing products and services with which the customer will be satisfied more than before.

For the first step, we are attempting to enrich the service of Discussion Boards (Premium Discussion Boards) exclusive for the member, which has been requested many times by customer who purchased .Mac membership. We will realize to reply customer's inquiry by our support staff on Premium Discussion Boards within one business day. It will be planned to be in operation in the middle of October timeframe. So, customers are kindly requested to be patient for a while.
(The rest is omitted.)

We are expecting very much. > Apple Japan

Recollections 2 (10/18/2002)

Actually, Japanese language support has been started and effective answers to the difficult questions which has not been solved by users have been testified.

red Password set for Public folder become invalid. (Mac OS X 10.2: 08/27/2002)

iDisk Tab on Internet paneMac OS X 10.2 allows us to set access privilege for Public folder at "iDisk" Tab on "Internet" pane in System Preferences.

However, if we set Password for Public folder here, it become for anyone to be able to access without password. It is a serious problem with security. Please fix and update it immediately.


Download iDisk Utility 1.0 from .Mac's Web page or iDisk. Password set by this tool is valid.

Recollections (9/20/2002)

This bug is fixed in Mac OS X 10.2.1. Thanks! > Apple

yellow Allow us to choose HDD as an additional backup destination. (08/24/2002)

Backup is a useful tool, but it allows us to select only 3 kinds of backup destination like iDisk, CD-R and DVD-R. It does not allow us to backup to incompatible CD-R/RW Drive, DVD-R Drive, nor external HDD.

Backup MenuPlease add following devices for backup destinations.


Let us use Backup 1.1 or later. Using Backup 1.0 is not recommended. A bug is reported if the operation of backup will be interrupted for some reason, the backup become impossible after that. If we fall into this situation, there is no way other than posting an article on .Mac support Bulletin Board and requesting an individual support.

Fixed (09/05/2003)

Backup 2 Public Beta has been released and above devices 1. and 2. can finally be selected. Also, above device 3. can be available after mounting it.

yellow Software Update should handle Virus Definition. (08/24/2002)

Using Virex 7.1, we must always download the latest version of Virus Definition file and keep it updated from the nature of the software. However, we need to go to .Mac homepage, if we would like to know updated information of Virus Definition file or need to download it. These specifications are irrational.

There seems to be a way like Virex 6 to have Update function for Virex itself. While Virus Description file is a part of product sold by Apple (.Mac), then, please handle in Software Update.

red Please sell .Mac at storefront. (07/20/2002)

US BoxIf we want to use .Mac services, we need credit cards. However, there are some people who cannot use credit cards or do not want to use them for some reasons. Please sell these services as a packaged product at storefront as they do in the United States. It is not fair that there is a difference in purchasing .Mac services between Japan and US.

In addition, to sell annual membership at storefront, currency must be in Japanese Yen.

Recollections (9/20/2002)

The packaged product has been started selling at 12,800 yen. Since exclusive .Mac coupon which is worth 6,400 yen will be distributed to iTunes user, there will be no difference from the user who has contracted .Mac at $49.95. It resulted in satisfaction. Thanks! > Apple

red Please equip some options for the product. (07/20/2002)

Charged .Mac services have started Instead of free iTools services. We welcome the change of concept to charge service fee to user, because we are suffered from iTool's low quality services. Please provide high quality service corresponding to its price.

However, we do not agree to this product which has no option. Not all Mac user needs large capacity iDisk. Some users bought antivirus software already. At least 2 options should be provided as follows.

It is not too late. Please improve them immediately.

Written by Takahiro Nojiri (Twitter @TakaNojiri)
Translated by Yoshinobu Morioka (ymorioka@mac.com)