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We posted these comments & ideas to Apple, Inc..

Modified: 09/20/2013 JST
Translated: 10/04/2013 JST

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yellow Mail: We wish to pause forwarding by each account. (06/19/2010)

The MobileMe service programs have been updated on 06/18/2010 and it became much easier to use. However, there is still something not easy to use in the Mail service.

Adding the address into the "POP Mail" in the Mail Preferences, we can forward other providers' inbox messages to MobileMe inbox. This is a convenient feature, but there is no feature to pause the forwarding. Pausing the forwarding, there is only way to delete the email address in the "POP Mail".

Please have a checkbox such as "Use this account" in the Preferences in order to stop/restart sending and receiving "POP Mail" easily.

Add an AddressAccount Details

red Sync feature: We wish to have additional supported software. (06/01/2010)

Only Safari for Mac, Safari for Windows and Internet Explorer for Windows can sync Bookmark by using MobileMe. However, Safari 4.0.5 for Windows have a fatal bug and it is not be used in the Japanese Windows environment while JavaScript for Internet Explorer 8 is too slow to be used well in the MobileMe environment or other web based services. Then, we are using other browsers, so it is not convenient to use it since it does not support MobileMe bookmark feature.

Please support the following major browsers.

In the same way, please expand the targeted Address Book to sync from existing Outlook and Outlook Express to others.

The current situation had no problem if it were .mac services only for the Mac computer users. At present, there are Windows users who are considering Mobile Me services at the time they purchase iPhones. We do not think they subscribe the service while there is no choice in selecting the targeted browsers for syncing.

Related feedback: Safari 4.0.5 for Windows is slow

Amendment (09/20/2013)

Control Panel 3.0 has been released for Windows and the supported browsers for bookmark synchronization feature have been expanded in addition to already supported Safari and IE.

red iPhone: Configurations of ringing tone for each contact disappear. (10/25/2008)

We have configured ringing tone for each contact using iPhone. However, the configurations of the ringing tone came back to the default value after a while.

The configurations of the ringing tone does not change when it is not syncing with MobileMe. We have not seen this kind of behavior before.

Environment : iPhone 3G, Version 2.1

Information source : Discussion Boards, Apple Japan (Ringing tone is forced to return to the default settings.)(Japanese)

red Contact: The settings for "the order of displaying name" is not reflected to "the phonetic spelling of the name". (07/21/2008)

Takahiro NojiriIn the Contact screen, we can configure "last name/first name" order or "first name/last name" order. However, it reflects only to the order of the name and not for the order of "phonetic spelling of the name".

red Contact: Sort methods and and indexes do not support Japanese language. (07/21/2008)

In the Contact screen, contacts are sorted and displayed. However, this order is following the character code beginning with alphabet followed by Japanese language. The field of "phonetic spelling of the name" is ignored in this order when sorting, even there is a field of "phonetic spelling of the name" for the Contact.

This "phonetic spelling of the name" is able to use when using Mac OS X Address Book and iPhone. Please improve so that it is enabled also at the Contact screen of MobileMe.

index being the capital letterMoreover, as "phonetic spelling of the name" field is not used, this cause the index being the capital letter of the name when sorting. It is meaningless as the index when "phonetic spelling of the name" is not used in Japanese language.

Amendment (10/25/2008)

The screen became not showing the index in the Japanese language mode. It is a little improvement. However, the problem still exists when sorting in the order of the character code set, since the "phonetic spelling of the name" field stays and not being handled properly.

yellow Account: Automatic Renewal is not enabled. (07/21/2008)

Check marked "Renew" at the "Account Options" and clicked "Save". However, "Your subscription will renew on Oct 9, 2008." is displayed at "General" or the Account screen. Checking at "Account Options" screen, "Renew" is disabled. That is, Automatic Renewal is not enabled. In addition, no error message is displayed in this procedure.


Amendment (08/20/2008)

Reconfirming after one month later, it was displayed correctly.

Written by Takahiro Nojiri (Twitter @TakaNojiri)
Translated by Yoshinobu Morioka (ymorioka@mac.com)